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A Little History About Us

Team Saint Louis was founded in the 80's as a sports club that offered LGBTQ+ individuals a safe and welcoming space to join like-minded people with an array of program offerings. Opportunities included cross country running, bowling, volleyball, cycling, tennis, dancing, swimming, softball, rugby, kickball, soccer, and others (to name a few).

The organization has evolved & grown into what it is today by hard working board members and participants who strive to continue to push change in the face of adversity to create the same safe, inclusive space, where there is room for everyone!

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August 1982

1984 - 2006

2007 - Present

Tom, Alice, and John decide to form the club

The club has continued to grow, evolve, and expand it's member participation group, joining the International Gay Games for 4 consecutive years.

TSL, Inc. was formed and created as a non-profit organization dedicated to offering healthy activities in an inclusive, judgement free zone, where you are allowed to be your authentic self.

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