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Team Saint Louis Pickleball

TSL Pickleball League Rules

General Gameplay:

•            Games are played in 15-minute time slots. Players have 15 minutes to play the match, so limit yourselves to a very brief warmup and get started with your match. A grace period of an extra few minutes may be given, but if your match is running extremely long, it will be ended early and the score at that time will be recorded as final.

•            Matches may be played with any ball that both parties in the match agree on using. If teams cannot agree, or would like to use the specified league ball, the league monitor will provide a pickleball for both teams to use.



•            These leagues are social and meant to be officiated fairly by the players involved. Players call their own sides of the court during the match honestly and fairly. Line calls are to be called “in” if there is any uncertainty about the call. Only if a player is 100% certain that a ball is “out” should they call the ball “out.”

•            The winning team of each match should report the match score to the league monitor. The league monitor will record individual scores of each game per team. At the end of the league, the team(s) with the highest score(s) will be deemed the winning team(s).


Substitute Players

•            Teams should send substitute players in their place on weeks that they cannot attend their matches. Please attempt to send substitute players of a similar skill level. If a team needs help finding substitutes, they can post in our league’s Facebook group, and local players will reach out to happily fill in. Make sure to post letting everyone know the location of your matches, the timing of your matches, and the skill level of your league, so that the right players know to reach out and join play.

•            For our final week (playoff tournament), substitute players are not allowed to play unless their level of play is lower than the player that they are replacing. Teams with 2 substitute players on playoff week must forfeit their match but may still play for fun. If a sub player’s ability is higher, the team will not move on in the next round of the playoff tournament. Please be respectful and honest about the caliber of your substitute player.


No-Show Policy

•            If you cannot make a match and are not sending substitute players in your place (forfeiting), please contact your league monitor and let them know. Forfeits are no fun for league members (people want to have their opponents or at least substitutes show up!), but at least contact us as early as possible if you are going to forfeit, and we will relay that information to your match opponents.


Cancellations/Contact/Rescheduled matches

•            All league contact will be done via e-mail and the league Facebook page

•            If matches are postponed for any reason, the schedule document will be altered with a note stating the postponement, and all league participants will be notified via e-mail of the postponement.

•            If matches are postponed, a NEW schedule will be rolled out for the following week. When matches are postponed, league weeks are added onto the end of the schedule, pushing our final week back.

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