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Athlete Spotlight: Jason Jones

Jason Jones - known to many in Team Saint Louis (TSL) Land as Jace - is heavily involved in helping the Team Saint Louis Kickball League tick.

But did you know in addition to showing off his skills on the base paths, he has taken part in other TSL activities? Let's find out more about Jace!

1) Occupation: Materials Management at Alkem Laboratories

2) What was your experience with athletics growing up? I started playing baseball around the age of five, but didn't develop any skills until I was 11. Other sports like basketball, football & volleyball I only played for fun with friends.

3) Did you play sports in school? I mainly wrestled in junior high & high school. I made the sophomore baseball team, but the summer leagues were where I actually took the field & had fun!

4) How long have you been involved with TSL? In what leagues have you participated? I have played kickball since 2010 & played a couple of years in the volleyball league at Forest Park CC, too. I also coached a kickball team for four or five years & helped the league for three years or so.

5) Which is Your Favorite TSL sport? Why? It's kickball for sure! It's a great time & a great group of people & an overall positive atmosphere.

6) Why are organizations like TSL so important to our community? They only keep the community stronger together.

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