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Athlete Spotlight: Paul Dry

Our newest Athlete Spotlight introudces the wonderful Paul Dry. A great volleyball player & even better human, Paul has been active within Team Saint Louis since 2014.

Name: Paul Dry

Occupation: System's Analyst

What was your experience with sports growing up? Growing up, I joined a few different sports teams at school. I tried basketball, baseball & volleyball, but nothing really stuck. I was a quitter. I didn’t really care for the politics involved in Catholic grade school sports (yes, there are politics in grade school sports). However, I did play football, basketball & street hockey with my neighborhood friends, so I had some exposure to sports growing up.

How long have you been involved with Team Saint Louis (TSL) & in what capacity? I have been playing volleyball regularly with Team Saint Louis since 2014 & kickball on & off since 2014. It has been a blast so far & I’ve met some great people as well. Once I began playing TSL sports, I really developed an appreciation for team sports. TSL creates a fun & inclusive environment that has made playing sports more enjoyable than my previous experiences. I have also volunteered for TSL at the liquor booth at Pride & the hospitality suite for the NAGVA tournament.

What is your favorite TSL sport & why? Volleyball. I love the intensity. Also, there’s nothing like the feeling of executing a successful, well-coordinated play with your teammates.

Why are organizations like TSL important to our community? It is incredibly entertaining to watch the gays play sports. Seriously, though, they’re important because they keep people in the community connected & engaged. They allow people to socialize outside of an online or bar setting (not that there’s anything wrong with online social platforms or bars); but it is nice to have a healthy, competitive outlet as well. It is also important for younger generations to see that there are supportive LGBTQ+ groups they can join.

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