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Happy New Year from Team Saint Louis!

We wanted to take this time to wish you a warm and happy New Year!

2020 was not, shall we say... awesome. With any hope, we can soon put the hot mess that was 2020 behind us and forge ahead with a fantastic 2021!

While there is nothing yet etched in stone (because while a vaccine is giving us reason to be optimistic for a 2021 COVID turnaround, we should be realistic) we have some stuff and things in the works. Here is a sneak peek:

1) Outreach. While we have not had the best year of all time, we should count our blessings and pay it forward.

2) Can you say Team Saint Louis camping/winery/biking trip? Rearrange the priority of those three things as you wish.

3) We will probably play volleyball at some point

4) Kickball revival!

5) More ways to play - and outings, too. We plan to bring you more sports and games - regardless of skill level. Whether you're just learning to play or you're an old pro - we accept everyone. Don't like sports? It's all good - we have non-athletic things in the works, as well.

We miss your lovely faces and hope to see you soon. Until then, here's to health and safety and the warmest wishes for a happy new year!

Team Saint Louis Board

Scott Stringer - President

Paul Dry - Treasurer

Erica Connors - Secretary

Jamie Hansen - Communications and Outreach

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