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Hey! Volleyball Standings!

Hello, Volleyballers! Wanted to provide updated standings! They are below. You can also find the link the standings here. We typically try to update the standings each week by Thursday. Be sure to visit the Team Saint Louis website often to see where your team stands.

This session has seen some challenges for us and we so much appreciate everyone's understanding and patience as we navigate the session. We think we've got most issues handled. Remember, we always welcome your suggestions; feel free to shoot us an email at Please also know all of the board LOVES volleyball and having it survive and thrive for Team Saint Louis is one of our biggest priorities.

We also have some other exciting events in the works, including ANOTHER Team Saint Louis Pickleball social tournament in the early spring. We are also hard at work on the 2nd Love Wins Tennis Tournament and Pickleball Social, slated for June. We also aim to do a 2nd annual The Eddie Tournament.

Finally, don't forget about the Team Saint Louis Pickleball social each Thursday at 5:30 PM at Willmore Park. We play unless the courts are too wet (and probably not if it's ridiculously cold). Here's what's great about our Pickleball socials:

1) Learn to play pickleball. Virtually all who come to the socials have never played before. It's really fun!

2) Get to know new humans. We've had so many tremendous people come play.

3) We have equipment! Not sure about Pickleball and don't want to commit to equipment purchase yet? We've got equipment to use (limited quantities).

4) Exercise is good, right?

Thanks so much for all your support of Team Saint Louis!

Jamie, Scott, Kim, Erica and Paul

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