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Session Four of Team Saint Louis Tuesday Night Volleyball Coming at You!

Thank you for making our first session back for an entire year a success! We are happy to announce registration for Team Saint Louis Session 4 Indoor Volleyball is now available. Open registration will run through Saturday, April 10th.

If you are currently registered and playing in Session Three, you must still register for Session 4. You may register your team by clicking the following link:


Six-week session

Start: Tuesday, April 20th

End: Tuesday, May 25th

League Fees

We expect league fees to largely remain the same - around $200/per team. The final cost will be dependent upon the number of teams registered.


Center St. Louis

Address: 6727 Langley Ave, St. Louis, MO 63123


Please encourage your players to submit waivers online:

Referees Wanted!

Since most of the Refs also play volleyball, it makes scheduling the Refs a bit tricky. Because of this, we could use another. Please let us know if you know someone that doesn't play but wants to Ref. Previous experience preferred.

We can't wait to see you again on the courts!

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