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Team Saint Louis Crowns Tuesday Night Volleyball Session, Tournament Champions

Team Saint Louis is pleased to announce its winners of Tuesday Night Volleyball - Session I.

Teams also duked it out in a sudden-death tournament December 21. Teams played a single game to 21 point to advance in the bracket. The night culminated with a three-game championship match in each division. There was some serious volleyball happening - a very high quality of play! Congratulations to everyone who took part!

We can't thank you all enough for continuing to support & play in the league! We hope it brings you as much joy as we feel bringing it to you! We also hope you enjoyed the tournament & holiday treats. We skip December 28 & will see you again for Session II January 4! Have a happy holiday season!

Jamie, Scott, Paul, Kim & Erica

Session I Regular Season Champions


Spiked Punch



Session I Tournament


Champion: Big DIGS

Runner-up: Spiked Punch


Champion: Tower Grove Guys

Runner-up: Netwerks

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