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Team Saint Louis Raises $1,000 for Stray Rescue with The Eddie Tournament

We are excited to announce that the inaugural Eddie Tournament was a rousing success.

A total of five teams hit the sand at Wave Taco for a day of volleyball, food, drink and honoring Eddie's memory on August 14. With the silent auction items, 50/50 raffle and other contributions, the day ended with $1,000 being donated to Stray Rescue!

Eddie Neunschwander was the heart and soul of Team Saint Louis for a very long time. It is our hope with events like this that we can continue to serve our community. And we cannot thank enough those who came out and played, donated and enjoyed a beautiful day enough to joining us to carry on that legacy.

We'd also like to thank Rainbow Volleyball for partnering with us on such a wonderful event!

Eddie was a friend, a mentor and someone who wanted to bring more compassion into this world. He gave selflessly and his inner strength was unlike any other. As one who enjoyed volleyball, he would have loved to see us all playing for a good time and a good cause. He was competitive but didn't take himself too seriously as he very much loved the social aspect and the camaraderie sports bring.

We were doubly honored to have members of Eddie's family in attendance. It was wonderful seeing them and getting to know them better.

Congratulations to Served Hot for winning the tournament!

Next year, ya'll? We say yes!

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