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Team Saint Louis Reveals New Website!

We are pleased to announce we have reworked the website! We will have the latest updates on all our teams in one, easy spot!

In addition, we have new features on the site, including more frequent Athlete Spotlights (our most recent Athlete Spotlight is on the lovely Evan Rieck), as well as this very blog space! Be sure to check back frequently! If you have a suggestion on who to feature next, let us know below in the comments.

Be sure to add an account on our revamped site so you can be one of the first to know about our updates! We can also tailor those updates to what interests you! In the future,we will bring forth the ability to add team rosters, as well as make payments for leagues. Those features are coming soon!

Finally, we are now on more social media channels! Do us a favor and give us a follow! We will post the important stuff: league information, updates on exciting upcoming events, etc.; we will also post some fun things, too. Don't miss out on the latest!

Twitter: @TeamSaintLouis1

Instagram: @teamsaintlouis

Facebook: Team Saint Louis (TSL Inc)

As always, huge thanks for all of your support over the years! 2020 is looking to be our best year yet!

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