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Team Saint Louis Welcomes New Board Members, General Meeting

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Please join Team Saint Louis (TSL) in welcoming two new members of the board for the 2021-2022 cycle! Please also join us for our General Meeting Sunday, December 20 at 1 pm, CDT!

If you are interested in attending our virtual General Meeting, please email and we will send you the link! We need you now more than ever! Thanks!

Now, onto our new board members! Scott Stringer is no stranger to the TSL board - or the field. He assumes the role as President, moving from the Vice President position. Scott has been an active member of TSL since 2007. You can see Scott enjoying every Tuesday night on the volleyball court (well, hopefully soon - post COVID). He has also been commissioner of TSL Kickball in years past. You can read more about Scott here.

Brand new to the TSL Board is Erica Connors - joining us as Secretary. Erica brings a passion for community service and a wealth of data management experience to the role. She enjoys volleyball, softball and a bevy of other sports. Her bio will be posted to the TSL website soon! Stay tuned!

If you are interested in joining us on the board, we have two vacant positions - Vice President and Fundraising. If you or someone you know have interest, please reach out to for more information. We'd love to have you join us!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank outgoing board members Eddie Neuenschwander and Diane Smith for their tireless efforts and service. Diane and Eddie have been instrumental in the advancement of not only TSL, but LGBTQIA + and other causes. Tuesday Night Volleyball, cycling and other sports in the TSL realm would simply not exist as they do today without their dedication.

We can't wait to see what 2021 brings - and we can't wait to take you along with us for the ride - literally. We are going to do bike rides this year. You should come along. If you haven't already done so, be sure to register to receive updates to this very blog for the latest TSL news.

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