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That's a Wrap!

Team Saint Louis wraps up another successful indoor volleyball season!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of Team Saint Louis members who participated in the 2022/2023 indoor volleyball sessions. Participation grew each session and we are nearing our pre-pandemic levels. Our return team rate has been amazing and it's simply awesome welcoming all the new teams! What a crazy road we've been on.

🎉Congratulations to Our Winners

S1/Fall 2022 Winners

Advanced 1: TEAM DARNA

Advanced 2: We Can Dig It

Intermediate: Cupid's Cuties

Recreational: 123 Let's Go

S2/Winter 2022 Winners

Advanced 1: STL RiverRatz

Advanced 2: Girl Off! and Boxers (Tie)

Intermediate 1: Tower Grove Guys

Intermediate 2: Super Rush

Recreational: Gay for Play

S3/Spring 2023 Winners

Advanced 1: Saint Louis RiverRatz

Advanced 2: Girl Off!

Intermediate 1: Rico's Rebels

Intermediate 2: Cupid's Cuties and Netwerks (Tie)

Recreational: Stingers

Winning captains, we will coordinate with you on the delivery of your championship shirts!

Standings for all three sessions can be viewed here.

🌈Rainbow Sand Volleyball

If you aren't wanting the volleyball fun to end, don't worry, it doesn't have to! Sign your team up to play outdoor sand volleyball with our good friends at Rainbow Sand Volleyball League!

Venue: Wave Taco Address: 1335 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63103

Starting: Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Last Day to Sign Up: May 2, 2023

For additional information and to sign-up for the Rainbow Sand Volleyball league, email:

Don't have a team but still want to play? Send Rainbow an email and they will do their best to find you a team.

I am sure we will see many of you out and about but if not, we will see you back for indoor play in October! 🫶

Scott and Crew

Team Saint Louis Sports | Volleyball

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