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Tuesday Night Volleyball is Back!

Volleyball. You love it. We love having it.

It's back, baby!

We are excited to announce Team Saint Louis was able to secure two courts at Center St. Louis and will launch a small volleyball scrimmage league beginning Tuesday, March 9! Please note: once St. Louis Community College at Forest Park welcomes us back, we will move back to that location. We anticipate this will happen in the fall.

Session Date (s):

We will have two six-week sessions - the first beginning Tuesday, March 9. The second session will begin the week after the first ends, April 20 and will conclude May 25.


Cost will be dependent upon the number of teams registered. We expect fees to come in around $200 per team/per session.

Time & Location

We were able to secure two courts at Center St. Louis. Games play will be Tuesdays at 8:00pm and 9:00pm.

Space will be limited so register early! Deadline for registering for the first session will be Sunday, February 28, 2021.

Location: ​Center St. Louis

6727 Langley Ave, St. Louis, MO 63123

Time: Tuesdays @ 8:00pm and 9:00pm

Registration Deadline: Sunday, February 28, 2021

Safety Protocols

We are sure you are curious about the steps we are taking to ensure your safety during the new sessions.

1) You will be required to wear a mask upon entrance and exiting the courts and the building. We strongly encourage you wear a mask during play (though this will not be a requirement).

2) Temperature checks are required when entering the building.

3) Referees will wear masks at all times.

4) Teams will not switch sides, nor shake hands at the end of the games or match (makes that Rock, Paper, Scissors real, ya'll). A wave is welcomed, however!

5) Sanitize your hands upon entering the court. Hand Sanitizer will be available at the temperature check table and at each court for your use.

6) Referees will sanitize the volleyballs after each game.

7) Please be sure to social distance when not on the court.

8) If you are feeling unwell, do not attend your games that day.

Is This a League? Scrimmage?

The answer is both, sort of, kind of! Due to St. Louis County regulations, competitive games are not allowed; this means this league is a scrimmage league. You will still register your team and play together as a team. Refs will keep score during game play; however, there will be no official winners/losers and no standings.

How Do I Register?

We are pleased to inform you that registration is now available online at our website!

Pro tip! If you are new to the website, click "Sign Up." Registering is quick and easy! Once logged in, you can submit your team's roster.

Please reach out with any questions and thanks for your patience as we all get through this difficult time.


Scott, Jamie, Paul, and Erica

Team Saint Louis Sports

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