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We Need You! Nominations for Team Saint Louis Board Now Open

Please help us improve our community and submit your nominations for the following Team Saint Louis (TSL) officer roles: President, Vice President, Secretary, Fundraising, and Public Relations/Social Outreach.

The President, Secretary, and Fundraising roles begin in January 2023 and are up for nomination again in December 2024. The Vice President role starts in January 2023 and is up for nomination in December 2023.

Who can nominate either a qualified person or themselves for a role? Simple: Any person participating in TSL Inc. activities or attending the Gay Games as a

representative of TSL is considered a member. Yes, the Tuesday Night Volleyball League counts as an event. So too, does the Team Saint Louis Pickleball Social. Played in the Love Wins tournament? You're a member, too!

Can't think of anyone to nominate? That's okay - you can still vote on the nomination of board members at the General Session on December 12. Time and place to be determined.

To submit a nomination or for questions about any of the positions, please email by Sunday, November 27! The Team Saint Louis General Meeting and Board Elections take place Monday, December 12.

Descriptions of each open officer position are as follows:

President: The president shall preside at all meetings and is authorized to call special meetings of the members. Additionally, the president performs all duties incident of the president's office and such other duties as may be assigned by the membership from time to time. The president signs all documents required by law.

Vice President: The Vice President shall preside at a meeting in the absence of the president and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the membership from time to time. In case of death, resignation, or the president's removal from office, the Vice President shall fulfill the president's duties until a special election is held.

Secretary: The secretary signs any documents required to be signed by law and maintains a complete set of minutes of the membership and directors' meetings. The secretary sees that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions required by law and is the custodian of the corporation's records. Additionally, the secretary will have custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the corporation and shall assist the treasurer with banking activity.

The secretary will be listed on all funds and securities of the corporation and reviews financial transactions for the corporation given by the treasurer, then presents to the executive board after reconciliation.

Public Relations/Social Outreach: This Director shall monitor media posts to assure users respect the TSL Mission Statement; coordinate efforts with the Executive Board to promote a social media strategy; manage social media sites and TSL, Inc. website.

Fundraising: This Director (in coordination with the Executive Board & members of TSL Inc.) is responsible for raising money for TSL, Inc. & its projects. This Director contacts & meets with potential individual & corporate funders and develops ideas for fundraising events. Additionally, seeks grant opportunities that align with TSL, Inc., its members & mission.

Not quite ready to be a member of our board? We STILL NEED YOU! To advance our social and sporting opportunities, we would love help running said socials or leagues. Have an idea for a sport or activity we should try? Let us know! We're always open to new ideas and ways to branch out into our community. To be a league commissioner or throw us a social activity idea, email us at - or attend a meeting and let us know.

Thanks, all!

Scott, Kim, Erica, and Jamie

Team Saint Louis Board

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