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Love Wins - Pickleball

Love Wins - Pickleball

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Entry fee for the Love Wins Pickleball Social on Saturday, September 17, 2022. If you haven't already registered, please do so here

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Either register for the event as a beginner or intermediate play. 

Social Details: When you arrive to check in, we will give you a wrist band with a number. That number corresponded to a number matrix that pre-determines who you would play with and against for each round. Each person will receive a copy of the play matrix that matches their play level. 

There will be 12 rounds of play and everyone will play up to 5-6 times that night depending on how many register for the event. 

Each round lasts for 12 minutes, during which time music will play. The music will stop to signify the end of the round. As soon as you hear music, you start your games. Once the music was over, you will have three minutes to get to your next area of play.

Event Sports T-shirtsFREE with tennis registration. $15 for fans and friends. Questions? Contact Jamie Hansen at 402-517-1414

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